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50+, Seniors & Elders Health Survey – CAPRICORN
CAPRICORN: Culturally Appropriate Practical Solutions Relevant to Indigenous Seniors and Caregivers Of Remote Northern Communities

Due to difficulties from geographic, language, and cultural challenges in accessing health care, Indigenous seniors in Northern Canada are one of Canada’s most vulnerable peoples. In the Northwest Territories, older adults are the fastest growing age group and the proportion among the population is expected to continue to increase. Despite seniors and older adults being vulnerable and growing in size, there is very little literature on older adults in the Northwest Territories. As a result, the CAPRICORN project aims to assess Indigenous seniors’ perspectives on health, their existing and prevalent conditions, as well as their experience with healthcare and the availability of healthcare to them. The study is identifying barriers to, and opportunities for, improvements of Indigenous seniors’ health. The project focuses on two communities with large Indigenous populations who proposed to call the project: 50+, Seniors and Elders Health Survey.

The project is currently qualitatively and quantitatively assessing factors affecting the health of Indigenous seniors through innovative community-based participatory research. It is generating the first comprehensive evidence on the health of Indigenous seniors and experiences utilizing healthcare services in Northern Canada. These findings will be shared to inform policies and programs to improve Indigenous seniors’ health-related knowledge, research, and care. This project is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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