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The Care Project

The CARE Project: Caring And Responding in Edmonton

With funding from the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and in collaboration with local community organizations, the Indigenous and Global Health Research Group undertook this project to respond to the impact of poverty and social vulnerability on healthcare access.

The CARE Project: Caring and Responding in Edmonton was a four year project with community partners including Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Larga Edmonton, Terra Centre for Teen Parents, Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre,  and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Emergency Department.

This project assessed access and utilization of healthcare services in Edmonton, with a focus on the city’s most vulnerable populations. Key informant interviews and interviews with clients of community organizations identified barriers to and opportunities for improving health and wellness service utilization, access, and experience.

Based on this information and in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, a community-led intervention program was developed, implemented, and evaluated to improve patient experience and self-advocacy when accessing healthcare services.

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