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 A serious and potentially fatal disease present all over the world. There are hundreds of variations as cancer  can develop in virtually any part of the body. This makes treatment and finding a cure difficult. Cancer is caused by a  variety of interacting factors ranging from the environment, genetics and lifestyle aspects such as diet and physical activity. 

Vitamins and pills

Chronic diseases are those that can develop over time, and may last a lifetime. Most do not have a cure and much of the treatment is directed at lessening the effect of symptoms on daily life. The long lasting nature of chronic disease places a heavy burden on health care systems worldwide. Chronic diseases are mainly thought to be a product of lifestyle factors in combination with genetics and social environment.


Any movement of the body that raises heart rate and breathing can be considered physical activity. Physical activity can be organized, spontaneous, short or long. It can also be solo or with other people. Sports, whether competitive or for fun, are all a form of physical activity. Physical activity is an important part of staying healthy. Many health problems can be prevented or improved with regular physical activity.

Emergency Vehicles

Many people experience negative effects on their health due to difficulties accessing health and wellness services. Lack of transportation, cultural or language barriers, lack of identification, discrimination, and stigmatization are all barriers that prevent access to timely, quality, affordable health services. Perceived unmet health needs are prevalent but they have not been quantified in a systematic way across populations, particularly among people facing social vulnerability. 

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Nutrition is the study of diet and how it affects the human body. Food provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for life, growth and energy. Food plays an integral role in the health of a population. There have been, and continue to be, extreme variations in the human diet over time and place. For much of our history, people were hunters and gatherers and food was scarce.

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